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Salons and barbershops and are an efficient and cost effective venue for advertisers to target consumers. Out-of-home advertising, such as digital signage and other alternatives to traditional advertising methods are all currently experiencing enormous growth in an ever-changing consumer market place. This year’s outlook suggests moderate growth in ad spending, reflecting the economy's slow recovery. As a result, the advertisers are looking for cost effective avenues in which to create excitement about a new product or event.Campaign Capes is the promotional products division of Bric McMann, We work with our clients to promote their brand throughout the country using branded salon and barbershop capes with a variety of single and multi-color artwork on the front of the cape. If you are looking for a creative and fresh approach to your companies marketing strategy, or are an advertising agency looking for an alternative marketing solution, give us a call at 800.648.2742 to see how we can help.